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Extensive trainings are required to build the capacity at grassroots level which is an enormous challenge due to inadequate availability of necessary infrastructure. Therefore, a cascading mode of training i.e. Training of the Trainers (ToT) has been adopted to create Master Trainers at State, District and Panchayat levels to ensure that trainings reach till grassroots level. The multiplier effect of ToT model offers an opportunity for informed local input in shaping the content and for facilitation of training appropriate to local culture and context.

The Ministry is providing training on Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) Applications and has advised the States/UTs to create a cadre of Master Trainers at State level so that they can be used to train officials at District and Panchayat level. The Ministry plans to create two Master Trainers per Application from each district in addition to 2-4 Master Trainers for each PES Application from State Panchayati Raj Department. Over 27,000 have been trained so far. To provide sustained and up-to-date training to end users, User Manuals, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and audio assisted CBTs (Computer Based Tutorial) have been made available for all PES Applications. CBTs and User Manuals have been prepared in English and are available for viewing/playing online while the users are working on the Software Applications and these can also be downloaded and played/used in off-line mode. These CBTs serve as authenticated training material, including for assisting Master Trainers during State & District level training programmes and can also be accessed by isolated users on demand. The CBTs can be used for providing continuous trainings to end users and thus are expected to expedite and improve the adoption of PES Applications. These CBTs are also enabled for translation in local languages for better absorption at local level.

On-line discussion groups (google-groups) are being used for each Application wherein users can send their queries and seek answers from MoPR, National Informatics Centre (NIC) or even from other States. These groups have been extremely effective in sharing ideas and providing immediate solutions to end users. They also serve as a knowledge database for reference as per need.