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Swaran Jayanti Maha Gram Vikas Yojana

          In order to avoid migration of village population to urban aabadi, it has been decided by the Government to initiate a new scheme “Sawaran Jayanti Maha Gram Vikas Yojana” for the  planned development of the villages having population of 10000 or more than 10000.  Duration of the scheme is 5 years i.e. from the year 2016-17 to 2020-21.  The aim of this scheme is to developing big villages trade, marketing facilities, social and infrastructure development, training institute and human development etc. so that migration of rural people to the cities may be avoided.  Sewerage facilities will also be provided in these villages.  The estimated cost of the scheme is Rs.146100 lakhs.  Recently the scheme has been approved by the standing committee of Finance Department.  A budget provision of Rs.2000 lakhs was made for the year 2016-17, out of which 1945.86 lakhs were spent. An amount of Rs.13500.00 lakhs have been sanctioned for the  year 2017-18, out of which Rs.8405.91 lakhs have been released.For the financial year 2018-19, provision of budget for this scheme has been made in the budget of Public Health Engineering Department by the Finance Department.