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With a view to giving the incentive to take up development projects in rural and urban areas, the scheme of Matching Grant was introduced during the year 1979-80. This scheme is executed under the specific rules for projects, namely,school buildings, Veterinary dispensaries, Hospitals, Recreation Centres,Mahila Mandal Bhawans Harijan and Backward Chaupals and other development work through Panchayat/Panchayat Samitis, PWD (B & R) and Local Committees.The Matching Grant Scheme was introduced to bridge the gap and enables the people to seek financial help equal to the amount raised by them as public contribution except in the case of GirlsSchools, Girls Colleges & Hostels in the State, where the amount of grant is twice that of the contribution.This scheme has encouraged people's participation. The rural people themselves identify the projects and raise their public contribution and are associated throughout the implementation of the project. This scheme has evoked a big response from the people and every year there is an increase in the demand for this grant.

Under this scheme an amount ofRs.2035.00 lac has been approved for the 11th Five YearPlan(2007-2012).An amount of Rs. 475.00lac was approved for the year 2011-12 out of which Rs. 149.09 lac was sanctioned/released.

Under this scheme an amount ofRs.2700.00 lac has been earmarked for the 12th Five year Plan(2012-17).Rs 499.00 lac has been approved for the Annual Plan 2012-13 which has been reduced to Rs. 225.00 lakh in Revised Outlay 2012-13 which has been sanctioned.an amount of Rs. 524.00 lakh has been earmarked for the year 2013-14.

  Original Budget Revised Budget Expenditure
2013-14 372 150 93.64
2014-15 100 100 69.41
2015-16 200 100 58.40
2016-17 150 ------- -------
2017-18 275 ------------ ------------
2018-19 200 ------------ 40